Broken Garage Springs Replacement Naperville IL

Broken Garage Springs Replacement in Naperville IL

Broken Garage Springs Replacement Service in Naperville IL

Broken Garage Springs Replacement Service in Naperville IL

Garage door torsion springs literally do the heavy lifting of your garage door. As a homeowner, it can be an inconvenience for you to have broken garage springs especially if you have no means of fixing it on your own. Finding a broken garage springs repair service provider can help you out with your problem. But before anything else, you must first know the reasons why your garage springs broke.

Wear and Tear

So far, wearing and tearing are the biggest reasons for broken garage springs. Torsion springs that are properly installed are rated about 10,000 cycles, one cycle includes the garage door going up to open and coming down to close. Imagining the cycle, it is quite a lot. But on a daily basis, you go through a least one cycle per day.

If you are going on errands, your partner goes to work at the same time or your kids open and close the garage door for no reason, your minimum daily cycles can increase faster than you think. 10,000 cycles can occur in a year. Being a heavy user of garage door requires you to be mindful and consider torsion springs with extended lifespan, preferably those that are rated for 4 times and only twice the standard price.


If rust starts to develop on your garage springs for some reasons, there is a big possibility that its lifespan becomes shorter. Rust increases friction on the coil as it moves on the top of the corrosive factor. The rust itself weakens the coil. Spraying WD-40 down the coil for at least 4 times every year can help garage springs to stay well-lubricated and prevent the buildup of any rust.

Garage door repair services for all properties

Garage door repair services for all properties

Advised Cost Saving

Most of the garage doors today are maintained with special care employing 2 torsion springs on each side of the garage door, for lifting purposes. However, some builders are up in using low costs whenever possible and just use an extra-long torsion spring for the garage door instead of 2 on both sides. For light and small garage doors, this can work just fine but the door would really be served well if there are 2 torsion springs that share the load. Short springs have shorter lifespan and in terms of failure, it can release 100% amount of power and cause heavy damage.

Improper Maintenance

All garage springs will eventually fail not just because of wearing or tearing but also with improper maintenance. Proper maintenance will not only prolong the functionality and lifespan of garage springs but also alert you if there are existing issues that may get it close to failure. Proper maintenance will help you notice broken garage springs immediately and deal with them right away. You also save more money from cost-effective broken garage springs repair.

The best solutions for these top 4 reasons of garage springs breakage is proper maintenance and ultimately, seeking the advice of garage door professionals when it comes to garage springs and broken garage springs.